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        Why choose Gear Fast?


Honest and available

About us:

Gear Fast was founded in February 2008 and as an internet project is the culmination of a small but highly experienced group of web based anabolic steroid sales professionals with an associated internet presents that goes back as far as 2004.

Our goal has been to create the ultimate medium for our customers to obtain genuine anabolic steroids online of the highest quality in industry standards whilst focusing on offering our customers a very smooth hassle free buying experience.

Our Goal:

Offer Genuine Steroids, HGH & Peptide products, with absolute safety and transparency

We wanted to professionalize online steroids sales in terms of absolute “Customer Confidence” Reliability, Consistency, Honesty, to a level unheard of in the Online Steroids Industry, Along with a hands on approach to customer Service & Support.

Customer Service & Support:

Who are the people behind the scene?

To coincide with our Absolute Transparency Policy, I would like to introduce myself!

Dale K. Primary Sales Consultant in both Service & Support and Product Advice & Free & Fast Consultancy.

My name is Dale, nice to meet you! When you email me your welcome to call me Dale.

Our Products:

We deal with only the very best Steroids HGH & Peptides manufacturers, You will note that every one of our supply manufacturers have authenticity Code check system in order to ensure their brand is not compromised by fake product, Which sadly has been the demise of some quality steroids manufacturers in the past, View our brand authenticity page here! link!


Backed by our Manufacturers & Wholesale Suppliers vouching for us as official resellers of their products,

You may view us on the (Osaka Japan) website as the Official Reseller,

This speaks volumes that you are in the right place at!

As you view our site it will become apparent that we are not like any other Online Steroid website

We want to show you the difference!

The Gear Fast Difference:

  • We deal direct with only two official wholesalers in steroids Hormones & Peptides

  • We are official online supplier to direct verifiable on

  • We are official online suppliers to every product we offer “Verifiable”

  • A clear and transparent professional website

  • Steroids professionals 100% available customer service

  • Best prices online for genuine Anabolic Steroids HGH & Peptides respectively.

  • 100% customer satisfaction approach

  • The best Steroids brands, Peptides and HGH

  • Products authentic certified , checkable on the official websites of each brand

  • Available mostly immediate or within a few hours at most Fast delivery worldwide

  • Personal friendly approach to customer service, beginners & advanced athletes

Customer Confidence:

We set out to create a unique Online Anabolic Steroids sales Website with this one Question in mind.

So I put myself in the shoes of the customer, it accrued to me that well a very large percent of online consumers in this day and age are not stupid by any means, unfortunately there are many many websites out there that are quite clever in imitating the real guys.

So unfortunately many people still fall victim to false promises and scammers.

It’s no secret I’ll just say it as it is, the Online Steroids Market is full of all kinds of pitfalls and scams here is a short list just to name a few kinds of disingenuous online store tricks:

  • Scams who take your money and never send anything, usually short term existence.

  • Scams who sell non steroidal products imitating anabolic names

  • Websites who deal through pharmacies, products are often copies of the real thing resulting in poor quality product which could be under dosed at best, or at worst outright dangerous,

  • Websites who advertise many known quality brands, then send home made product.

So just look back up the page at the gear fast difference heading,

  1. Verifiable as Official Reseller to numerous quality maufacturers.

  2. Check our Genuine Reviews Online!


Contact Dale LIVE available online to meet all technical issues related to the use of the site, Available Live help. I am available most of the day throughout the 24hour period you will find me online, or feel free to leave me a message.

So go ahead and shop at  with Absolute confidence knowing that you are in good hands, with Total And Absolute Highly Experienced, Professional Service,

Availability of customer service at all times, the certainty of having the original products and quality, the assurance of a reliable and fast transport and the guarantee of a 100% successful buying experience.

Gear Fast Is About Comitment!  With us its personal!


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