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Payment of your order through MoneyGram by credit card or in person
at a MoneyGram agent location.

The first thing to inform here is that in this section or page of you will find general payment information only. 
In this section, you will not find the full payment details"

You will not find nor will you need info such as the Payee /Pay to name etc at this point.
But no need for concern!  :)
Full payment details are found in the account section of our store
once you have placed your order with

What is MoneyGram?
You can pay online by credit card on the MoneyGram Website using 3 simple steps.

In a nutshell, it's a reliable payment solution for any person to person transaction, Known as money transfer can be either international or local. 
We do recommend MoneyGram because payments are fast and Confidential - "Non-associated payment" so to speak
MoneyGram, has no set send amount limit it may vary from one country to another,
We do advise a maximum send amount of $500.00USD or Euro/Pounds €, $, £
, per transfer is advised or MoneyGram could cancel the transfer at their discretion,  

If your order total is over $500 or $1000 we advise multiple transfers accordingly

How to send MoneyGram payment?

1 - Visit the MoneyGram website to pay for your order:

You can pay your order directly online using a Credit Card. This is the best solution because the sooner we receive your payment, the sooner we ship your order.

You can pay online with: A Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro or Blue card. To do this simply create an account on the MoneyGram website. Once connected, start the transfer by clicking the "Send money now" button.
Pay over the phone or find a MoneyGram agent location near you 1-800-666-3947.

Complete the online steps "To send money" 

" Be careful not to reverse the first and last name of the receiver. "

  • Keep the MoneyGram tracking number to send to us.

2 -Send us proof of payment via our confirmation form:

payment flow chart 1

To find our send order confirmation form, Go to your store account:

Order History 

Click on your order - then click relevant payment icon - Fill in the form provided.

        This step is important and mandatory.

3 - Once the information is validated, we will ship your order within 48 hours.

payment flow chart 2

After confirming your payment, we will ship your order within 48 hours average (working days).

Your tracking number that will allow you to track the shipment of your package will be sent by email order update.
This postal tracking number is also available in your client space .

For any questions, please feel free to which will be happy to answer all your requests within 2 - 8 hours fast!

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